Some bugs identified in data entry, searching and UI

Hi GTDNext team,

as asked by Olga, I’m splitting part of my observations from my previous post in ‘Overview of changes and suggestions’, which are related to bugs, to the ‘Problems’ category:

Search: It appears that the search functionality is not yet properly working. Sometimes, it gives me not all tagged items searched for and sometimes the search results show items that had a similar but different tag than actually searched for

Text entry: I faced some problems when entering text, i.e. in order to get a spacing between words, I currently experience trouble, needing to double click on the spacing button. Otherwise, if it is only clicked once, the text appears without spacing

UI: Tags are sometimes not properly displaced, e.g.

  • the underscore is not shown across the entire tag
  • if a tag entails ‘_’ as a sign, the underscoring is interrupted


Hi again, Marcel!
I think it’s rather TaskScale team now :slight_smile:

Can you please provide more details on the issues you are having.


Can you provide an example where the search is incorrect? Maybe some tags and search string, so we can reproduce the issue.

Text entry

Can you provide some info on the device, browser you are using? Looks good from our side.

UI: Tags

We will take care of it

I partly use abbreviated tags with numbers, e.g. #t1,#t2,#t3, which I tested in 2 separate areas / workspaces, see results in the emebedded image. Searching for tag #t2, for example, the search results are not what I would expect, maybe you can help on that.

Text entry
I use Firefox as browser on a Windows 11 laptop.

Hope that helps,

The issue with tags should be fixed now. Fixed in app version 0.0.2.
You can find the app version in the bottom of the main menu.
Please refresh your browser (sometimes more than once) to let your browser fetch the latest changes.

Can’t reproduce the search issue.
Marcel, can you please check if it is still there?

Hi Sergio,

I tested again: text entry works now for me.

The issue with searching still prevails on my side as well as the issue with the tags, see picture below:
Screenshot 2023-06-19 095601