Release 2023-11-06: Export Data and Day Planner Notifications Introduces New Features: Export Data and Day Planner Notifications

Hello TaskScale Users,

We’re excited to share some updates that will add even more versatility and convenience to your task management experience.

Seamless Data Export :open_file_folder:

We understand that accessibility to your data in various formats is crucial. That’s why we’re introducing the Export Data feature. Now, you can easily transform your tasks and notes into Text, PDF, or OPML formats. Whether you’re looking to archive a project, share details with a colleague, or just need a hard copy for review, this new function allows complete flexibility. Export anything from a specific node with its subitems to an entire workspace, or even all your data at once.

You may find an Export button on the bottom of the right panel for any Node. You may also export all you data from your profile page. (read more in docs)

Stay on Track with Day Planner Notifications :e-mail:

To help you keep up with your daily schedule, we’re rolling out Day Planner Notifications. Tailor your days by setting up email notifications that deliver your day’s agenda directly to your inbox. Choose the days and times that work best for you and get a timely snapshot of your daily plan, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Look for the notification settings on your profile page in the Email Notifications settings. (read more in docs)

What These Features Mean for You

These new tools are designed with your workflow in mind:

  • Export Data provides the flexibility to manage, share, and save your data beyond the confines of the app.
  • Day Planner Notifications act as your personal schedule reminder, helping you to maintain focus and efficiency throughout your day.

We believe these features will significantly enhance your experience by fostering better data management and time utilization.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts as you start to use these new features. Your feedback is vital to us—it shapes the future of

Happy Tasking, The Team

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