Release 2023-09-15 (v1.1.1) - Live Synchronization

Introducing Live Synchronization Across All Your Devices!

We’re excited to announce a game-changing feature for Live Synchronization. Now, you can effortlessly keep all your tasks and data in sync across multiple devices in real-time.

:link: How Does It Work?

Whether you’re using on your browser, a separate browser tab, or our mobile app, any changes you make in one platform will instantly reflect on all others. No manual updates, no downtime—just seamless productivity.

:link: Browser Extensions Sync

Live Synchronization isn’t limited to just the core app. It also extends to data collected via our browser extensions, ensuring you have the most current information at your fingertips, always.

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Hi Sergio, this is a great feature but I’m finding that most of the time it does not work without me doing a refresh in each location. (macbook/surface/iPhone (web bookmark).

Am I doing something wrong?


Are there some steps to reproduce? Some special conditions, eg device was turned off for N minutes?

Unfortunately not. It’s just the normal, everyday use of a website.

Ok, I will investigate.
Thank you for reporting!