Release 2023-07-25 (v0.0.12)

Hello Everybody!

Along with some UI/UX fixes and improvements we’ve implemented some new features on the app.

From now on we will post most significant app updates under this category.

Feature: Move To dialog. Now moving node between Areas/Workspaces is even easier. Just click Move To menu item of the selected node (or press Ctrl+Alt+M) and select the desired destination.

Feature: Go To dialog. Similar to Move To dialog Go To allows you to navigate easily around your areas and workspaces. Go To dialog is accessible from the button on the top panel or with the Ctrl+Alt+G keyboard shortcut.

Feature: Delete Node. To make deletion more convenient we’ve introduced the delete button in the selected item dropdown menu and on the right panel. Of course you can still delete node with all the sub-items with Ctrl+Shift+Backspace shortcut.