Plugins for Chrome and Firefox

Hello All!

Happy to introduce new functionality on browser extensions.
Now you can quickly collect any note, idea or a website URL from any tab of your browser.
You can get links to extensions on our landing page here

We are also glad to announce that we are getting close to get out of Open Beta stage.
A lot of job was done under the hood and a lot of issues were fixed.
And we want to say thanks to everybody who helped us to get to this point!

Sergio, Team

Awesome, Sergio and Olga. I saw that this morning. Appreciate the work you are putting into this.


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is there or will there be an option to add all tabs at once? That would be amazing to have.

You mean, add all currently open tabs in browser?
That’s interesting, I will add it to backlog.

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Awesome thanks! I would really like that. They should be added as separate items.

How does it work currently, just add one URL at once?

Currently you may send to inbox current tab’s URL or some text (in case you want to quickly put something to Inbox but don’t want to leave current tab).

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What I’d like to see is a button that creates X separate inbox items, one for each open tab, and puts the title of each website as well as the URL somewhere in the inbox item

So if I had 100 tabs open it would create 100 new inbox items, each with the title of the webpage and the URL.

It’d also be great to be able to mass-add bookmarks from a folder as well, in a similar fashion.

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