"Plan Your Day" (Today) and "Sheduled and Due" (Workspaces)

I wonder how to use the Daily Planner.

As far as I see, “Plan your day” shows items I moved to today. Moving items to today will loose its home within the workspaces and gets independent. Why is that? Are workspaces just kind of archive list for potential actions? And inside today are concrete things I plan to do independently from areas and workspaces?

I see that start and due date of actions that live inside a workspaces will appear in “Sheduled and Due”. I cannot jump from these items in the Daily Planner to the home workspace. So I dont know to which area and workflow they belong, do I?

What is the intended use and workflow of the Daily Planner?

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Hello Fenyem, welcome to the forum!

Plan Your Day section is currently independent from the other part of the app. So it’s currently just a separate type of workspace dedicated to day planning.
I know there is a problem of loosing context when moving item from the Workspace to Day Planner.
We have a feature “Linking Nodes” planned, where you can create a link to a node. It should solve the issue when implemented. But please let us know if you have better ideas on the workflow.

Regarding the “Sheduled and Due” - you can double-click the item to navigate to it location in the workspace.

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