Issues logging in


I am interested in trying the new functionality, but I’m having issues logging in. I initially logged in on my iPhone but now whenever I try to access the site, I keep getting the login prompt over and over. I also get this on any other device it try.

It may be that I have the password wrong, but I can’t find any password reset link.



Welcome to the forum!

There was an issue on the website.
It is fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Sergio,

Thanks for your help, but I’m still having the issue. I also have it with this forum on other devices. Does my password need to be reset?


You account looks fine from our side.
Changing password may help but just in case there is a chance you have forgotten it.

If it does not help can you please try clearing the LocalStorage in the browser.
This is how it can be done in Chrome:

Since we are still actively developing the website we may do the server update periodically. There is a chance that you got login not working while we were updating the server.
Looks like we need an indicator for that on the website.

Please let us know if this helps or we will investigate further.


Unfortunately this did not resolve the issue. Can you provide instructions on how I can reset my password, in case that’s the cause?


Yes, sorry, seems forgot password not working. Will fix it shortly.

Restore password should be working now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks, Sergio. It’s working now.

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