🚀 Exciting News: TaskScale.net Officially Launches!

Hello Fantastic TaskScale.net Community,

Today marks a monumental milestone that wouldn’t have been possible without your incredible support and dedication. We’re thrilled to announce that TaskScale.net is officially out of open beta and ready to take on the world of productivity and organization like never before!

The journey from GTDNext to TaskScale.net has been a remarkable one, filled with challenges, triumphs, and a whole lot of hard work. We’re immensely grateful to each and every one of you for your patience, feedback, and unwavering belief in our vision.

TaskScale.net isn’t just an app; it’s the result of countless hours of development, collaboration, and your invaluable input. We’ve meticulously crafted this platform to elevate your GTD experience to new heights, and we can’t wait for you to explore all that it has to offer.

What’s New:

  • :star2: Revamped Interface: A sleek and intuitive design that enhances usability and aesthetics.
  • :rocket: Enhanced Performance: Seamlessly manage your tasks, projects, and goals without a hitch.
  • :arrows_counterclockwise: Smooth Migration: Thanks to the “Import from GTDNext” feature, transitioning is a breeze.
  • :dart: Tailored Productivity: TaskScale.net adapts to your workflow, making it truly your own.

We understand that change can be challenging, but we’re here to support you every step of the way. Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping TaskScale.net, and your continued insights will help us refine and improve the platform even further.

Here’s to the Future:

As we embark on this new chapter, we’re committed to ongoing innovation, responsiveness, and ensuring that TaskScale.net remains your ultimate productivity partner. Our forum is open for discussions, questions, and celebrations. Share your experiences, triumphs, and even your suggestions – we’re all ears!

Your journey with TaskScale.net is only beginning, and the possibilities are boundless. Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community. Together, we’ll achieve greatness and make every task count!


Sergio and the TaskScale.net Team

Hi Sergio,

The new app looks great and I would love to Migrate from GTDNext to TaskScale.net however I do use pretty much all the features of GTDNext and so I am not sure how many of the GTDNext features are now in TaskScale.net? I would be hard to do the import form GTDNext to then find that I really hit a problem with a missing feature and have to return to GTDNext.

Is there a table of GTDNext features and a tick or comment on whether that feature is now in TaskScale.net? It would then be easy to see at which point any of us could migrate knowing all the specific features we used are available. (I did search the form looking for such a list however it was not able to find one)

Best regards

Hello Lyndon,

Sorry for the late response.

We have a short overview document here

And a brief migration guide here.

In general, most of the features of GTDNext are supported on TaskScale.net. But I understand that you may have a specific set-up that does not fit into TaskScale.net in some way.
Please, let me know if you are missing some feature or I may help you with migration in any way.