About the Beta Testing Stage Feedback category

This category is created to discuss the issues we have on the beta testing stage of the TaskScale.net.
Feel free to post any idea, comment or an issue with the new system.

GTDNext is a tool specifically design to help with implementing the task management system described in the book Getting Things Done. Is that what TaskScale going to continue that? If not, I wouldn’t be interested in migrating.

Hi there, and welcome to the forum!
TaskScale.net has most of the features provided by GTDNext.
Missign GTD in it’s name does not mean it is not GTD!
And we have enhanced some features. I’m going to have a full article on it soon, But I think Next Actions in the TaskScale are way more convenient than in GTDNext.

Btw, you can change your name in the forum settings. We haven’t yet set-up usernames in TaskScale. Sorry for the inconvenience.